2016 YYYC

February 2016:
Interview 1:  Chad Simon (NWKDSS)

March 2016:
Interview 1:  Monika Ptacek (ZIKA Virus)
Interview 2:  Shannon Demel (USD 489 Kindergarten Round-Up)

April 2016:
Interview 1:  Joan Dunn (Connections Events)
Interview 2:  David Levering (Sternberg Museum Science Camps)
Interview 3:  Monique Holmes (LAACT-ACTION

May 2016 Interviews:

June 2016 Interviews:
Interview 1:  Jackson Stanton (Snake Safety)
Interview 2:  Lyndsey Crisenbery (Child Trafficking)
Interview 3:  Marla Baumann (St. Francis Foster Parents)
Interview 4:  Beth Fisher (Baby Care Street Fair)

July 2016 Interviews:
Interview 1: 
Elaine Rupp and Monique Holmes (Breastfeeding/Grandmother’s Tea)
Interview 2: 
Linda Beech (Ellis County Extension)
Interview 3: 
Lyndsey Crisenbery (CASA)

August 2016 Interviews:
Interview 1: Sherry Dryden (United Way of Ellis County)
Interview 2:  Cathleen Kroeger (Hays Public Library)
Interview 3:  Sarah Smith (Connections Parent)

September 2016 Interviews:
Interview 1:  Linda Beech (Disaster Preparedness)
Interview 2:  Katie Mai (HACC Safety Classes)

October 2016 Interviews:
Interview 1:  Tammy Alan (Families Together)
Interview 2: Marla Baumann (St. Francis Care Portal)
Interview 3:  Elaine Rupp/Beth Fisher (Special Needs Health Care)

November 2016 Interviews:
Interview 1:  Susan Bowles (Hays Area Children’s Center)
Interview 2:  Susan Schlichting (4-H Cloverbuds)

December 2016 Interviews:
Interview 1:  Patsy Thorell (Fine Motor Skills for Children entering Kindergarten)
Interview 2:  Christine Weber (Fine Motor Skills for Preschool Children)
Interview 3:  Michelle Dannels & Jennifer Oborny (Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers & Infants)
Interview 4:  Brenda Linenberger (Connections Child Care Partnerships)

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