2015 YYYC

Interview 1:  Hays Area Children’s Center Fundraiser (Kaley Conner)

Interview 2:  Communication Strategies for Infants (Susan Bowles)

Interview 3:  Creativity and Children (Terry Wilson)

Interview 4:  Importance of Routines with Children (Lindy McDaniel)

Interview 1:  CASA (Samantha King)

Interview 2:  Catholic Charities Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (Laura Dunn)

Interview 3:  Fatherhood Initiatives (Lila Montgomery)

Interview 4:  Fire Safety (Elaine Rupp)

Interview 1:  The Importance of Play (Joan Dunn)

Interview 2:  Family Engagement (Karla Bixenman)

Interview 3:  Inter-generational Interactions (Brett Schmidt)

Interview 4:  Think Big, Start Small (Joan Dunn)


Interview 1:  CASA (Lynsey Crisenbery)

Interview 2:  Early Childhood Speech Strategies (Susan Bowles)


Interview 1:  Ellis County Breastfeeding Coalition (Elaine Rupp and Monique Holmes)

Interview 1:  Go Truck Go (Beth Hansen)


Interview 1:  Radon Safety (Elaine Rupp)

Interview 2:  Early Childhood Mental Health (Dr. Romereim)

Interview 2:  Tumbleweed Tour for Tykes (Kaley Conner)


Interview 1:  Food Born Illness (Monica Ptacek)

Interview 1:  The Incredible Years Parent Education Class (Emily Jackson)

Interview 2:  The myStrength Online Mental Health Resource (Ken Loos)


Interview 1:  CASA Events (Lyndsey Crisenbery)

Interview 2:  Safe Sleeping Advice for Grandparents (Joan Dunn)

Interview 3:  Healthy Eating Habits (Monica Ptacek)

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