2014 YYYC

January 2014:
Interview 1:  Parenting Relationships Training (Lila Montgomery)

Interview 2:  Parent Safety Training (Karla Bixenman)

February 2014:
Interview 1:  Promoting Breastfeeding/La Leche League (Elaine Rupp & Monique Holmes)

Interview 2:  Early Childhood Programs/Intervention (Monica Ptacek and Beth Fisher)

March 2014:
Interview 1:  Dental Health Care for young children (Dr. Miner/Miner Family Dentistry)

April 2014:
Interview 1:  Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness (Lyndsey Crisenbery – CASA)

Interview 2:  Early Childhood Connections (Joan Dunn)

May 2014:
Interview 1:  Storm Disaster Prep (Linda Beach – K-State Extension)

Interview 2:  Sensory Processing  in Children (Debbie Breeden – USD 489/HACC)

Interview 3:  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Brenda Vitztum and Tiffany Meyer)

Interview 4:  Go Truck Go (Kaysie Morris)

June 2014
Interview 1:  CASA Benefit (Lyndsey Crisenbery & Megan Colson)

Interview 2:  Summer Reading (Cathleen Kroeger/Hays Public Library)

October 2014:
Interview 1:  Child Care Aware (Brett Schmidt)

November 2014:
Interview 1:  Hays Area Children’s Center (Kaley Conner)

Interview 2:  CASA/Foster Children Holidays (Lyndsey Crisenbery)
Flyer for Emprise Bank Giving Tree Activity

December 2014:
Interview 1:  Cold or Flu (Margo Straub)

Interview 2:  Grief During the Holidays (Ken Loos)


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