2013 YYYC

January 2014:
Interview 1:  Parenting Relationships Training (Lila Montgomery)

Interview 2:  Parent Safety Training (Karla Bixenman)

December 2013:
Interview 1:  Hays Public Library (Cathleen Kroeger)

Interview 2:  Holiday Stress (Ken Loos)

Interview 2:  CASA (Lyndsey Crisenbery)

November 2013:
Interview 1:  Hays Area Children’s Center Christmas Tree Auction (Kelly O’Brien Koerner)

Interview 2: 4-H Cloverbuds (Susan Schlichting)

October 2013:
Interview 1:  Internet Safety (Andy Stanton)

Interview 2:  Child Care Aware of Kansas (Jennifer Hecker)

Interview 3:  Halloween Safety (Monica Ptacek)

September 2013:
Interview 1:  Food Safety (Linda Beech)

Interview 2:  Families Together (Laurie Gerber)

Interview 3:  Text4baby (Dana Stanton)

August 2013:
Interview 1:  Hays Public Library/Early Literacy (Kathleen Kroeger)

June 2013:
Interview 1:  Run for Reading to Benefit Imagination Library (Lori Hertel, Rae Smith, Traci Stanford)

Interview 2:  Safe Haven (Elaine Rupp)

May 2013:
Interview 1:  Children’s Mental Health Awareness (Kris Schulte)

Interview 2:  Library Summer Reading Program (Vanessa North)

Interview 3:  Go Truck Go (Beth Hansen)

April 2013:
Interview 1:  Family Fun Fest

Interview 2:  HACC  Trike-A-Thon

March 2013:
Interview 1:  St. Francis Foster Parent Program (Marla Bauman)

Interview 2:  Families Together (Tami Schwindt)

Interview 3:  Week of the Young Child (Lyndsey Crisenbery)

February 2013:
Interview 1:  Early Childhood Connections 0 to 3 program (Joan Dunn)

Interview 2:  High 5 for Mom and Baby/Hays Medical Center (Jessica Seib)

Interview 3:  Shaken Baby Syndrome (Elaine Rupp)

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