2011 YYYC


January 2011
Interview 1:  Parents As Teachers (PATHS) Play Group

Interview 2:  Hays Public Library Centennial Activities

Interview 3:  West Central Kansas Smart Start

February 2011

Interview 1:  School Immunizations

Interview 2:  Children and Pets

March 2011:
Interview 1:  Dialogic Reading

Interview 2:  Vocabulary Development

Interview 3:  9-1-1 For Kids

Interview 4:  Children and Change (Separation and Divorce)

April 2011:
Interview 1:  Hays Area Children’s Center Bike-A-Thon

Interview 2:  Feeling Words for Young Children

Interview 3:  Z49 (Zero Alcohol for Nine Months)

Interview 4:  Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

September 2011:
Interview 1: 
Hays Public Library:  Bookflix

Interview 2:  Parent Education Classes

Interview 3:  Fire Safety

October 2011:
Interview 1:  The Pertussis Vaccination

Interview 2:  HICC Developmental Screenings

Interview 3:  Shinning Starr Preschool-Parent/Child Activity

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