2010 YYYC

January 2010

Interview 2:  YouthFriends
Interview 3:  PATHS Home Visit

February 2010
Interview 4:  Early Childhood Hearing Screenings
Interview 5:  Munjor Childcare Center

Interview 6:  Healthy Start

March 2010

Interview 1:  Five Languages of Love/Parent Classes

Interview 2:  Young Children and Television

Interview 3:  Well Child Exams

Interview 4:  Hays Medical Center Sib Class
April 2010

Interview 1:  Infant Massage

Interview 2:  Child Abuse Prevention Awareness

Interview 3:  Child Car Seat Safety

Interview 3:  Child Care Seat Safety (part 2)

May 2010

Interview 1:  Poison Control

Interview 2:  Parent Education Classes

Interview 3:  Youth Swimming:  Hays Hurricanes

June 2010
Interview 1:  Parent/Child Activity:  Father/Son Cooking

Interview 2:  Step-families

Interview 3:  Prairie Land Food Program

July 2010
Interview 1:  Period of Purple Crying

Interview 2:  Block Fest

Interview 3:  Parent/Child Activity:  Baking a Cake

August 2010
Interview 1:  Theraplay

Interview 2:  Child Care Aware

Interview 3:  School Health Information

September 2010

Interview 1:  Safety Belt Safety Awareness Week

Interview 1:  Pregnancy and Substance Abuse

Interview 2:  Your Babies Feet

October 2010
Interview 1:  4-H Cloverbuds

Interview 2:  Foster Grandparent Program

Interview 3:  Mops Program

Interview 4:  Calming Your Preschooler

November 2010
Interview 1:  Grief During the Holidays

Interview 2:  Healthy Families Program

Interview 3:  Autism Intervention Team 

Interview 4:  Hays Public Library Youth Section

December 2010

Interview 1:  Fatherhood Initiative and Storytelling Event

Interview 2:  Early Childhood Vision Screenings

Interview 3:  Mental Health First Aid

Interview 4:  Hays Area Children’s Center

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