Safe Haven

Kids don’t come with instructions!  Sometimes new parents are overwhelmed with the responsibility of having a baby.  NO ONE EVER HAS TO ABANDON A NEWBORN.  You have a safe choice.  Instead of abandoning or putting your baby in danger, HAND YOUR BABY to someone at a Safe Haven.

Each state has a law in place to allow an unharmed infant to be relinquished to the proper authorities, no questions asked. The National Safe Haven Alliance works with states to promote these laws and increase public awareness that options exist. Together, the Alliance and states work together to save the lives of innocent infants and to protect the lives of their mothers.

Local sites for surrender are Hays Medical Center, Ellis County Health Department, Hays Fire Department.

Safe Haven Poster (English)

Safe Haven Poster (Spanish)

Learn more about Safe Haven in this episode of You and Your Young Child:

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