January 10, 2018 HICC Minutes


QUARTERLY MEETING – January 10, 2018


11:30 am: Lunch will be provided

12:00 pm:  Meeting begins

Members Present: Rachel Jury, Beth Fisher, Christine Brungardt (parent), Sara Stroup, Becky Pokorny, Lyndsey Crisenbery (parent), Tabitha Wolf, Josh Tanguay, Katie Mai, Susan Bowles, Joan Dunn, Heidi Fisher (parent), Donna Hudson-Hamilton, Michelle Dannels, Christina Boyd, Melissa Ginther, Vickie Unruh, Jennifer Oborny, Natalie Bender (parent)


  1. Call to Order/Welcome (12:00 pm)
  2. Introductions:
  3. Agenda: Approval     No changes
  4. a) Motioned- Donna Hudson-Hamilton
  5. b) Seconded- Dana Stanton
  6. Minutes: Approval    No changes
  7. a) Motioned- Donna Hudson-Hamilton
  8. b) Seconded- Katie Mai
  9. Quarterly Program:

Christina Boyd, KU “Agencies interested in MSW interns”

Great program partnership with FHSU, Garden City Community College and University of Kansas.  ****If you already have a BS in Social Work applications for program are due by January 16, 2018.****

Classes are on campus at FHSU or Garden City Community College about 7 Saturdays for each semester.

***If you are applying for the 2 year program applications are Due on February 15, 2018. ***

They are also looking for Practicum sites and Practicum Supervisors. You can also share a Practicum Student with another agency.

Josh Tanguay, Clinical Associates, “Teach Parents How To Catch Fish: Advocacy and Working in the System” Handout attached.

  1. Committee Reports:

Hospital to Home:  Beth Fisher- next mtg. March 7 at 12:00 pm

Membership- Jennifer Oborny– 2 new Parent representatives today: Natalie Bender & Heidi Fisher

Education    Michele Dannels/Sara Stroup– Working on a Kansas Division for Early Childhood mini-grant for 2- STEAM activity nights for children ages 2-5.

Early Childhood Grants    Dana Stanton- Block Grant there is no RFP yet, believe it will just be a renewal grant.

Ad Hoc: KPEP Advisory Board Joan Dunn– Kansas Action Network points 1) Invest in Early Childhood for 2018 use full tobacco settlements for Early Childhood programs 2) Established dental therapy with medical card 3) Strengthen safety net: child care assistance, cash assistance etc… 4) Preserve Earned income Tax Credit

  1. 7. Old Business: None on this date.
  2. New Business:
  3. a) Vote HICC By-Laws: Donna- Hudson Hamilton moved to accept these changes to the By-laws, Sara Stroup Seconded, Motion Passed- unanimously

1) Moving the term of Secretary from 1 year to a 2 year term

2) Changing the Committee Name: Hospital to Home to Referrals and Transitions

  1. b) Election of New Officers: Lyndsey made a motion for nominations from the floor for Vice-Chair, Recording Secretary, and Chair. There were none.

Donna made a motion to agree to the listed nominees and included the 2 At-large positions- Susan Bowles and Joyce Mattison. Sara Stroup seconded. Motion passed.

-Vice-Chair nominee- Josh Tanguay

-Recording Secretary- Jennifer Oborny

-Chair: Dana Stanton will move to Chair

  1. Program Updates:

Clinical Associates: They will be adding a new play based therapist here soon to serve 5-6 clients.

CASA– Annual Valentine’s Day Auction on February 10, 2018 at the Robbins Center $60 a ticket includes dinner/auction/Open Bar

  1. Adjournment: 1:10 pm Motioned: Susan Bowles Seconded: Beth Fisher

Next Quarterly Meeting:

April 11, 2018, Wednesday, Center for Health Improvement 12:00 -1:00 pm

July 11, 2018, Wednesday,  Center for Health Improvement  12:00 -1:00 pm

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