Kids don’t come with instructions!  Many times even professionals in the field of early childhood need a place where they can network with other providers and parents.

The Hays Inter-agency Coordinating Council (HICC)  meets quarterly and provides a forum in which parents and representatives of early childhood agencies can collaborate services.  The HICC is committed to collaboration that will lead to the development of comprehensive services that meet the needs of all young children and their families.

Who Can Serve on the HICC?
Anyone who wants to know more about the Hays Area early childhood community.  This could include parents, service providers, educators, grandparents and people from the business community.

What Happens at a HICC meeting?
Members go around the table and share updates or news about existing or new programs and/or events.  This is a chance to learn about new developments in the Early Childhood Community.  There are then reports from the HICC Steering Committee Chairs (Membership, Hospital to Home, Mental Health, Early Childhood Grants, Prenatal and Education).  Occasionally the group will provide feedback to various grant reports.  Finally, there is usually a brief presentation about some early childhood issue.

How long does a HICC meeting last? 
The meetings, held at the Center for Health Improvement, are held over the noon hour and usually last no more than an hour.

For more information about the HICC contact Susan at 785-625-3257.


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