Social-Emotional Health

Kids don’t come with instructions!  Sometimes parents have concerns about their child’s behavior.  They wonder if their child is just going “through a phase” or maybe something else is wrong.

Learn more about the myStrength online system.

Simple screening tools (read more about the ASQ-SE screening tool) can be given to help determine when help is needed.  If your family is involved with Head Start, Parents As Teachers, Early Head Start or the Hays Area Children’s Center you can request a social-emotional screening, at no cost,  for your child.  Some doctors offices can also do screenings.  Screenings can also be given to children (under the age of five) by the USD 489 Early Childhood Consultant, Kris Schulte (785-623-2630).

Once a need has been established, families in the Hays area have a varied list of mental health providers to choose from.  Income is not a barrier to receiving mental health services in our community!  Most providers accept insurance and/or Medicaid.  Those who don’t often have a sliding fee-scale and access to special grant funding to help pay for services.  A complete list of these providers (including contact information and funding options) can be found by following this link.  It is not necessary to have completed a screening for your child to contact any of these qualified professionals.

Below, find several quick interviews about topics relating to early childhood social-emotional health:
Feeling Words for Children:

Calming Your Preschooler:

Parent Child Interaction:

A special thank you the the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund for supporting Early Childhood Mental Health.

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  1. kevin Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I had permission to use the picture featured above, with the young girl covering her ears, for a website on mental health?

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